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  • One Simple Question: What is Energy?

    It’s the energy that gave me life in the first place, the same energy that creates worlds, the same energy that makes sure my heart keeps [...] More  →
  • Quantum Entanglement

    Making an observation on one part of the system instantaneously affects the state in another part of the system that is separated in huge distance from [...] More  →
  • Quantum SuperPosition

    Particles can be found in two places at the same time. Only by the event of observing the object, we can actually affect the positioning of [...] More  →
  • The path of least resistance

    No flow - No go. Electrons follow the path of least resistance in the same way that water flows. The only shortcut in life exists in [...] More  →
  • The Present

    I am thankful for this very moment. You wouldn’t like to give someone a present that is not willing to say thank you. If we drag [...] More  →
  • The Law Of Attraction

    Prepare yourself for the having by acknowledging what you already have. In order to let the abundance flow into your direction, you need to acknowledge you [...] More  →
  • I Create My Own Reality

    Are we living in a dangerous and evil world of predators? Are we living in the most beautiful and overwhelming world a man can ever imagine? [...] More  →
  • Quantum Field

    Once we finally acknowledge that the physical reality is only one dimension out of many, only then we could consciously tap into the infinite quantum field [...] More  →
  • Mind Your Thoughts

    The average person generates up to 70,000 thoughts per day. 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts of the day before. 80% of these thoughts [...] More  →
  • Billions Of Years Old

    Almost all atoms in your body, which hold most of your mass, were formed in a supernova (starts explosion) over the life of the Universe since the [...] More  →
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